Stop making excuses!

You’re not special! It’s not your genes, it’s not harder for you – SO STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

Warning! This post includes straight talking, uncomfortable truths and a bit of bad language. Why am I being so blunt in this post, because you need to hear it. This is what I needed to hear all those years ago, but no one told me – excuses get you nowhere.

Too many people will dodge around the issue, or they will comfort you and give you some bullshit reason why you are the size you are. But the simple fact is the reason you are overweight is down to you, it’s down to your choices, no one else’s, yours!

It sucks! You hate the way you look, you hate the relationship you have with food, you hate the way you think others are looking at you, but yet you still sit on the sofa and eat crap and don’t do anything about it with any real determination or commitment.

You do a little bit of exercise to tell yourself “I tried but it’s the way I am” and give you the excuse you need to get back on the sofa and eat shit (which may actually contain more nutrients than some of the food you are actually eating – no joke!).

You work long hours and use the reason you don’t have time to cook as the reason to pop in another ready meal in the microwave, or buy something from the local fast food “restaurant” (whoever decided that certain fast food chains are restaurants are seriously deluded!. Anyway I digress) or some other crap in a packet.

Until you take responsibility for your own actions and your own choices, nothing will change. Your ass will always be fat, you will always have a pair of boobs front and back, and you will always think that magazines portray an unrealistic body type.

So stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop beating yourself up, stop being jealous of the “gym freaks”, get off your ass and STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND START MAKING PROGRESS!

It’s not easy, but it is possible to lose weight and get fitter but it has to start with you and you alone, and we are here to help when you are ready.