Nutritional Coaching

I love the internet, it's a wonderful tool and we have access to so much information these days. So much so, that very often is can quickly become too much and contradictory, especially when it comes to nutrition and food. 
We have all been there; trying to find out what's right for ourselves, what's healthy etc, but you end up getting completely lost and scared of pretty much every food.

At DreamPro Fitness, we make things easy. We work with all our clients to understand their current lifestyles and habits, in order to make simple changes step-by-step, as well as educating them so that they understand why we are making the changes we make.

Nutritional coaching is what it is. We help you to understand what you need to eat and when, so that you stay fit, healthy, full of energy and most importantly, happy! All our plans are 100% tailored to you and to match your current activity level and cultural and/or religious beliefs.

What you will get with your nutrition coaching package :

● Initial 30 minute Skype consultation to discuss and set your goals

● Meal examples based on your cultural beliefs and/or specific dietary requirements

● Daily calorie target with breakdown of macros

● Weekly check-ins to review your progress and keep you on track
     (can be via Skype if required)

● Instructions on how to keep track of what you eat

● Instructions on how to keep track of your own progress

● WhatsApp/Email/text support
    (Mon-Fri 09:00 - 19:00 - please allow 24 hours for reply)

● Goal and progress review after 4 weeks

*Please note that if you pay as you go, then you will be required to pay for a 30 minute consultation to access your current situation and to set your initial goals

4 Weeks coaching
Pay as you go
£45 p/w
One off plan