Why eating nutrient dense food is important

All of us, at least once in our lives, have heard that we need to consume more vegetables, fruit, nuts, etc.

We need to eat food which is more nutrient dense, whole wheat bread and pasta is better over white because it has more nutrients, you need to eat more green vegetables to lose weight, etc.

But have you ever asked question why this is so important?

Let me explain it.

We all eat food. But to be able to use food as energy, our body has to perform hundreds of chemical reactions to breakdown food. All of those reactions involve vitamins and minerals. Without vitamins and minerals our body cannot unlock the energy from food.

By eating food which is very low in nutrients, you will be providing your body with energy which it cannot use as efficiently as possible.

White bread is worse than whole wheat bread?

Yes, as during the refining process of wheat (turning wheat into white flour) 25 nutrients are removed, and only 4 replaces vitamin B1, B2, B3 and iron. On average 87 % of essential minerals (zinc, chromium and magnesium) are lost during the refining process.

I keep encouraging my clients to consume 15 or more portions of different colours vegetables a day, as part of having a range of diversity in their diet. This may seem a lot, but it’s so important if you want to make usage from your food and feel more energetic, experience less crashes through the day and in general feel healthier.
Another bonus: you feel more energetic = you move more = you burn more calories ? Make sense? ? I hope so ? I hope you are now getting the idea what is happening if there are not enough vitamins and minerals in your body.

15 portions of vegetables is actually not as hard if you think about it (you can repeat them):

  • Breakfast: spinach, tomato, beans, mushrooms (4)
  • Snack: sandwich: different colours leaves, cucumber (4)
  • Lunch: Beans, peas, kale, carrot, sweetcorn, onion, parsley (7)
  • Snack: sandwich: different colours leaves, cucumber (4)
  • Dinner: mixed vegetables curry: green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, mint leaves (4)

That’s 23 ? Easy? ?

Feel free to challenge yourself and experiment for 5-7 days, just add on a few more vegetables to your diet, take a pictures of your face before (no make-up) and after. And maybe measure your waist on your belly button line ?

Good luck

Jo ?