Mum of 2 overcomes anxiety by exercising 3 times a week

Tracey Ann, who is a mum of 2 boys from Bradley Stoke has overcome her anxiety by exercising 3 times a week at my fat loss camp. Read her story and hopefully you get inspired to make a positive changes in your life too 😉

“In February this year I gave birth to my second baby,  a second beautiful boy.

I weighed the day i found out I was pregnant and I was 14 stone, the week after I had the baby I was 14.6 stone.

Over the next few weeks and months I started a loosing battle with Post natal  anxiety – a little like post natal depression but instead I was angry at the world and having panic attack’s most days. Not wanting to leave the house. Not seeing friends – sleeping as much as I could in the day.

Around August 2017 I noticed an advert on face book for a “fat loss boot camp” for mums and anyone else who wanted to join.

After seeing it a few times I email Joanna. With in a few messages I realised I might actually be able to do it. Get out the house. Allow people to see me. See just how unfit I had become.

Week one came. I got on the scales –
I was nearly 16 stone. I could have crawled in to a ball and cried.

I had a baby sitter. So didn’t need to take the kids. So off I went to the park to meet everyone – nervously excited and terrified all at the same time. “Hello Lady” a friendly cheery polish voice said… let’s warm up. So. We started to jog. I was puffed and had to stop in less than a minute. Walking around in a circle. Seeing that some were running. Some jogging and others, like me walking- almost crawling around. By the end of the warm up my legs were like jelly and half of my water was gone. The next 35 minutes were a blur of laughter, pushing limits and not one doubt that I was with the right Personal Trainer. In the right group for me.

Roll on just 8 weeks later, three sessions a week come Sun, mud, rain or hail – childcare issues –  Joanna’s been there. For me and everyone else “COME ON LADY!! YOU’VE GOT THIS ONE MORE” I laugh more in these precious hours than I’ve done in the last year.

Picture of a small child in a travel pen while her mum exercises in an outdoor fat loss camp

In those 8 weeks I’ve dropped very close to two dress sizes. Well over a stone and I can run, Nearly 5k in one go, I can complete the warm up with ease and every single session I manage something I couldn’t before. Most of all my anxiety is at an all time low and I’m able to talk to people about it.

Many weeks I’ve taken my now 9 month old. Either his pram or in a travel play pen. Supported by both the boot camp team and of course Joanna she makes it possible – I’ve even had to take my 6 year old. Every time he’s welcomed and shown how to do the class properly. So much so he’s already decided he’s going to be “Just Like Joanna” a Personal trainer”

I love hearing compliments from friends I’ve not seen due to anxiety, but the best comments are from my 6 year old – mummy your tummy is so much smaller, “you look beautiful” and the best one while playing football  “mummy – I need to sit down. I’m puffed – how on Earth are you still going?!?”

Thanks Joanna. You really have changed my life. “