My healthy competition prep

Does preparing for a bodybuilding competition have to be unhealthy or damaging?

So Guys, it’s now 2 more days until I compete again for the first time in 2 years; Sunday 23rd of July Scottish Grand Prix UKBFF federation 😉
This will be my 4th time being on stage, and I have to say how different this prep has been to my previous three.

My first 3 preps were really close to each other and left me and my body in a huge mess. It took 2 years to get everything sorted (hormones, guts, digestion, bloating, overgrown candida, etc.), and it was a massive learning curve for me. I see that as a positive thing, as all that bad experience helped me to control my current prep.

I have learnt so much about my body; I’ve learnt how to observe it, how to listen to its needs, how to read symptoms and how to react to them.  This has helped me to avoid ending end up in the place as I have in the past.
Knowledge which I gained because of my bad experience made me so much smarter in matters of female training, diet, monthly cycle and how to schedule training around how you feel thought-out your monthly changes.

I kept my prep as simple as it could be this time. Very few supplements, very little cardio (as little as was possible), no fat burners, no vitamin C loading, no stupid amount of water on peak weak, and a healthy amount of calories throughout.

Today, I’m sitting on my sofa feeling so much healthier and happier comparing to the last to my last preps. I weight 2 Kg more comparing to my last competition but more inches around legs and hips but my waist line is 1 inch less 😉

Let’s see  if I got it right and if all that hard work will pay off 😉

So my answer to the above question; absolutely not!