Client Testimonials

“Coming from a fitness background myself my standards and expectations of a trainer are very high. So I was delighted when my paths crossed with Joanna who did not disappointment me, far from it, I have learnt so much from this lady, a new style of training, she has also prepped me for my first body building competition where I placed 1st in a fitness category, which I couldn’t of done without her.”

Adele Cobain


“I’m a 44yr old Mother of 4 Boys. I have always enjoyed sport but struggled with my weight! Then I attended one of Joanna Nowak from DreamPro Fitness Body Conditioning Classes! Since that day my life has changed so much for the better.. Joanna has turned my life around, I’ve lost 2 Stone and I’ve never felt healthier in all my life! I used to smoke, drink and eat the wrong foods but with Joanna professional guidance I’ve stopped and I’m now 1 week away from my first ever fitness competition..”

Sarah Riggs

“Joanna is an amazing online coach. She is very knowledgeable, supportive and cares about her clients success.

4 weeks before my first competition I was hunting for a coach as I was unhappy with my former trainer. I found Joanna on Facebook and she agreed to coach me. I asked if she thought I could get stage ready in that time frame and Joanna said she would do her best. 4 weeks later I was feeling very confident and took home 2 Medals for Bikini rounds (2nd Place Fitness/1st Place Yummy Mummy).

Joanna is lovely and I am confident she can whip me into even better shape (4 months to go) for my next competition ). I would without a doubt recommend Joanna as a fitness coach.”

Nofisa Caseman

Online personal coaching client: Nofisa

“On 21st of February 2015 I weighed 65.5kg and I was really over weight with a huge belly. I decided to join Joanna Nowak PT's bootcamp and followed religiously her diet programmes. After 8 weeks I couldn't believe that I have lost 8 kgs which was amazing. Joanna is a person who will not let you to give up no matter what. With your determination and great effort, you can achieve your goals. To date, my weight has been very consistent and keep being stronger and building muscles. I would highly recommend to anyone who struggle with weight loss because nothing is impossible, all you need is a great Trainer, Joanna Nowak PT.

Rebecca King

“I've been working with jo for 5 weeks & have loved having her as a trainer. Her plans are easy to follow, she offers lots of support & gives clear information.
As a trainer she is encouraging & positive  looking forward to the next session!”

Courtney Hobbs

“I have Arthritis and was finding it difficult to walk and movement was slow. I also walked with a stick. I  had been to my GP for a blood test and was told I had boarder line diabetes.

I joined Bradley Stoke gym .  After being at the gym for a while  I found that if it was difficult I gave up. I felt that I might need some help. I was recommended to Joanne Nowak by a friend. 

I went to Joanna and explained all my problems and she worked out a plan for me.  I found it very hard at first but as the weeks went on I found I was moving so much better. With this plan I am doing a lot of muscle building and cardiovascular exercises and building up my strength.

When I first went to Joanna I was walking with a stick and found movement difficult, now I walk without my stick have much better movement and have strength that I never thought I would have.  I even went in for a Welly throwing competition and won the ladies, also throwing further then the men!!!! 

I have been back to my GP for another blood test and was told I am no longer boarder line diabetes. I have been a clients of Joanna's for over a year now and cannot thank her enough for all the help she has given me and have no intentions of giving up. 

I would recommend Joanna to anyone. it is hard work and she does not let you give up but I would have it any other way.

Thank you Joanna.”

Rose, 69

“Joanna is not only an amazing personal trainer but she is also a inspirational, down to earth and someone who genuinely knows her stuff and goes over + beyond for all her clients. Since training with her, I have learnt so much, changed a hell of a lot and the best bit is that I get to share my now crazy/random personality with her 😉

I could literally go on at how much of an impact she has and continues to have on my life right now and all I want to do is stick with her, work hard and just keep progressing. xxx”

Sophie Mitchell

“Jo is an inspirational trainer. Her programmes and nutrition plans are easy to follow but designed to get amazing results. I'm delighted with the shape i'm in under her coaching!!”

Melanie Francis