About Jo

Welcome to my world 🙂 Welcome to DreamPro Fitness

My name is Joanna Nowak and I’m the owner of DreamPro Fitness.
I am a mum, run my own company, an accredited personal trainer, a Fitness Model Competitor and MP Pro athlete. I also love life.

Having started out with a passion for sport and fitness, I have always trained hard and lived a fit life. From my early passion, it was only natural that I have devoted myself to physical fitness. Over the past 10+ years, I have gained experience working as a personal trainer and have been relentless in my pursuit of knowledge and education.

I have a Degree in Health & Physical Education Management and a Masters Degree in Physical Education, in addition I hold several fitness related certifications including:

  • Level 4 in Personal Training
  • Level 5 Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
  • Level 5 Nutritional Therapist
  • AIM Practitioner (Anatomy In Motion)
  • Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management
  • FASTER Advanced Functional Trainer

It is my aim to become the best coach in the UK, and to help achieve that I am furthering my education by studying with the Advanced Coaching Academy by Phil Learney.

Besides my wealth of knowledge, I have a broad range of skills and experience, allowing me to focus on specialisms far beyond general fitness. I can assist with weight loss and nutritional advice, toning up and body building, and strength and conditioning. Moreover, I have prepped several fitness and bodybuilding athletes for competition and assisted runner’s with improving their technique.

Beyond this, I have experience working with a broad range of age groups and fitness levels, from 5 to 75 year old. As a mum myself, I know firsthand the challenges of juggling a busy schedule with a healthy lifestyle, and so I can assist busy mums in their pursuit to reach their goals.

In the last 2 years I began competing as a professional fitness competitor in the bodybuilding arena. In April 2015, I have entered my third competition, the Miami Pro World Championships, and placed 2nd in both the Fit Mums and Fitness Model Categories, thereby earning myself MP Pro status.

That’s in the nut shell who I am 😉

And who are you?

Feel free to ask me questions 😉